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Empower Families.
Build Stronger Communities.

About the Parent Leadership Team (PLT)

The PLT is a parent-led initiative driven by the shared experiences and dedication of parents themselves. Our team of staff and volunteers empower immigrant families with knowledge and support as they navigate the intricacies of the education system. Our work is guided by four key goals:


Equitable Representation: Amplify the voices of immigrant parents in education policy and decision-making


Parental Advocacy:
Build parental capacity to advocate for themselves, their children, and the community.


Quality Education for All:
Improve academic outcomes among children in low-income and immigrant families.


Collaborative Partnerships: Strengthen parental engagement by fostering community relationships.


The PLT is a parent-led initiative driven by the shared experiences and dedication of parents themselves.

What We Do: PLT Family Support in Action

Help parents understand the school options available to match their unique needs. 

Host meetings for parents at schools, in the community, and in partnership with CCSD, and community groups.

Build relationships with administrators, school leaders, community leaders, community organizations, churches, and others to connect parents with the resources to advocate for their family.

Identify legislative priorities and inform families about how to get involved in the legislative process.

Host trainings and workshops for families to share strategies and information about educational opportunities for their children.

Raise family awareness of Nevada’s education system, the Nevada State Performance Framework (NSPF), assessments, and academic outcomes.

Build relationships with community organizations to strengthen family  engagement in Nevada education.

Serve as a liaison between the immigrant community and CCSD, the Public Charter School Authority, the Home School Association, and Microschool organizations.

Community Partners

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Join us to empower more parents to advocate for their children's education and future.

Our work is driven by our committed volunteers, whose dedication to families makes our work possible. Will you join us?

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