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Families need information about how to engage with their child’s education.

Navigating the public school system presents significant challenges for all families, especially immigrant families.

Immigrant families have relocated to the United States, often seeking better opportunities for themselves and their children. They bring with them unique and valuable cultural backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.


Immigrant families value education as a means to empower their children and secure their success in a new environment. But navigating the local public school system presents significant challenges, especially for families with language barriers.


By providing families with guidance, resources, and information, we can empower them to advocate for their children, support their educational success, and foster a more inclusive and equitable education system.

Empowering Parent Leaders

The PLT trains parents to become leaders who share information and provide training to other families on topics like school options, students’ rights, and how to advocate in schools. PLT parents regularly organize and offer workshops throughout Southern Nevada.

Building Family + School Partnerships

The PLT  works directly with district (CCSD), charter, magnet, micro, and virtual schools to establish spaces for families to connect, support each other and contribute to the success of their school community

The PLT guides and connects families to resources to help them navigate common issues:

Bullying and school safety

Access to resources

Special Education Accommodations

School choice

Disparities in student achievement based on socioeconomic background


Join us to empower more parents to advocate for their children's education and future.

Our work is driven by our committed volunteers, whose dedication to families makes our work possible. Will you join us?

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